Most Popular Location Based Apps on Android

The Android operating gadget can be undoubtedly credited for making smartphones low cost to each phase of the society. Coupled with less expensive charges for Internet connectivity, these smartphones have made it viable for people to be in touch with the relaxation of world at some point of all instances. A fundamental purpose behind its large recognition is that people can leverage the Android apps to connect and proportion with their social buddies, even while on the go. Moreover, these apps offer region-precise services based totally at the GPS place of the telephone that makes it simpler to proportion whereabouts, find a new place, or to find friends in the vicinity. Here we take a look at the most popular vicinity-primarily based apps available at the Android Play Store.

A. Foursquare: This popular area-primarily based social networking provider has been round even before it was launched as an Android app. A superb partner while you are going somewhere, it routinely detects all places around you and provide you with hints. Users can check in to an area and experience available offers on credit playing cards that are related to the Foursquare account. Moreover, customers might be specially notified if their pals are around in the location. The Android app has a completely smooth interface and has kept it quite simple for users to interact with others via this platform.

B. Google Keep: Although it is an app for developing notes, a these days introduced characteristic utilizes the region of the person to trigger pre-set reminders. Users can configure Keep to remind them of an pastime if they reach a particular region. This is extraordinarily beneficial and a first-rate enhancement over the years-primarily based reminders.

C. Google Now: One of the maximum progressive apps to hit the Android Play save, Google Now uses your area information to provide a bunch of offerings and statistics. Information about the weather, nearby restaurants, movie timings and neighborhood factor of hobbies are mechanically driven on your tool for your convenience. This is a superb app for users who hold exploring new locations quite often.

D. Ingress: It is a sport that integrates the idea of augmented truth and place-primarily based offerings. Users are assigned unique tasks based totally on their geo-area, and are rewarded with points after they accomplish a venture by way of physically accomplishing a specific vacation spot in the vicinity. The wealthy background story and multi-person gameplay capability has made Ingress one of the most downloaded games on Android Play Store.