Android Apps Alert

Hello my pals, let’s examine what apps I played with on my Android.

(1) Scan existence (scanlife.Com)

This utility scans bar codes and data matrix codes of services and products. It sends you to web sites of on line shops or other vendors based on the bar code you scan. It can be used to find sales/higher on line offers for certain products which you locate in stores.

For example you discover a book on your kid but do now not want to pay $15.Ninety nine retail. You experiment the book and you can find it online for $7.99. That is a sizeable cut price and you may be better of even after paying shipping.

It works properly on a reasonably big # of products. I tried it out on my Android and it regarded pretty reliable and mature too.

(2) Inrix Traffic (inrix.Com)

This is an app that gives car traffic popularity. Owned by a agency in UK, this app could be very useful when you are in traffic and want to get at the cross info on what’s coming up in front of you in phrases of site visitors jams, closed ramps, injuries and so on. While the app has different functions as properly which AA Mirror APK includes offering driving guidelines, fuel economic system services and so forth. The value that I see is in phrases of proactively spotting and fending off road blocks.

It integrates with Google maps as properly and it has a neat, clean and intuitive person interface. I downloaded it from the Android market, I’ve been using it for almost a month now and it works like a champ.

(three) LinkedIn for Android (linkedin.Com)

This app hooks you up on your LinkedIn profile in a cellular way. It is the cellular model of the popular business website LinkedIn. It is a mild however pretty flexible model of the internet site. You can see your profile’s updates, connections, current open invitations and messages. You can look for humans and invite to connect with them, proportion an replace and send a message.

It is a great companion whilst doing enterprise on the road and you have a pre-constructed LinkedIn profile.

The global simply scratched the shell of the apple however these mobile apps became increasingly serious. All of them are currently supplied to the purchasers free of expenses.

Disclosure: on the time of this text I do now not own stock or every other type of interest/stake in any of the groups I stated in my article.

Adrian Corbuleanu
Miami Beach, FL