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Website Visitor Analysis

So you have a website, that's great!

Hopefully you developed the website giving careful thought to how to guide visitors from landing page through to completion. You also gave careful thought to website goals and you know precisely what constitutes a successful visit. If this idealised scenario matches your website philosophy then we'd probably like to offer you a job! If not don't worry, help is close at hand.

For most websites the first step is to install Google Analytics or update and optimise an existing installation. Once we've gathered sufficient visitor information we'll review the user data to help us gain an understanding of visitor origins and behaviour on your site. The metrics that we monitor most closely depend very much on your business need but they'll help us gain a thorough understanding of how well your website is meeting its current goals.

Goal setting and KPI monitoring are crucial pieces of information without which any analysis of your website data is meaningless. Our aim is to ensure you're getting relevant, accurate and concise information that are used to improve overall website performance and greatly enhance visitor experience.

Of course behavior analysis is only the start of a process but it's a vital step in turning your company's website into a 'best in class' implementation. Contact us for more information.




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