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Website Re-design

Like an ever advancing city scape, after a few years even the best websites become stale and are overtaken by their competitors. SEO in particular never stands still and what got you to the top of the pile in the past is very quickly overtaken by innovations driven by your competitors. Staying ahead of the game is vital and a website re-design can dramatically improve performance.

Whether you're looking to completely change your website or you're just planning to update and modernise an existing site, you'll want the new site to be better placed in search rankings and to more effectively engage your visitors. This doesn't happen by accident and is an aspect that website design companies all too frequently overlook.

Let Us Guide Your Web Design

Web Incite work closely with a number of partner website design companies to make sure they have a full understanding of your current site's performance both in search rankings and in visitor experience before they start to plan any changes. This provides vital information to ensure that existing success is preserved whilst also providing an insight into which aspects are currently failing to grab visitor attention. It also provides an excellent opportunity to update your keyword strategy and to re-design the new pages with this firmly in mind.

Getting web Incite involved early your website re-design can make the difference between a successful re-launch and a site that struggles to be better than the one it replaced, or worse still disappears off the SERP rankings. If you've already decided on a company for your website re-design then ask them to get in touch with us or if you're still undecided we can provide expert advice on a number of different website designers depending on the scope of what you'd like to do. We'd then stay involved throughout the process to ensure the new site is as good as it can possibly be.

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