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Web Incite can increase sales by maximising the efficiency of your website and turning it into a pathway for all your marketing. Your website represents the single most quantifiable part of your whole marketing strategy and you should use it both as a driver of revenue as well as an extremely valuable source of information about how your customers perceive your company.

What We Do

Web Incite use website analytics as a tool to analyse and perfect your sales and marketing strategy.

We have more than 25 years experience working in direct sales for a range of specialist scientific industries so our first priority is to understand your business and your marketing campaigns. The next step is to look analytically at the effectiveness of your existing marketing using data provided by your website. We'll likely work closely with your existing website team to optimise your site so that it properly reflects your goals. Throughout the process we continually gather and analyse visitor data allowing us a unique insight into how well your website meets its goals and whether your marketing is fulfilling its requirements.

Along the way we'll also sort out your SEO, make your website more responsive to those visitors most likely to make a purchase and provide you with leads garnered from companies who spend time on your website. At Web Incite we believe that analysis of real life data will turn your website from a cost centre into the dynamic heart of your whole marketing strategy.

Who We Are

Web Incite, based in Cheshire, was established in 2010 by Colin Fenwick to unlock the overwhelming quantity of information available via web metrics. Colin realised that a properly designed website presence could provide amazing amounts of information about the quality of a company's marketing. Together with his wife Alison, Web Incite boast over 25 years hands-on experience in sales and marketing focused on the scientific marketplace.

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