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Website Lead Generation

So you're generating valuable web traffic and interest in your products. How can you nurture this interest and guide visitors towards doing business with your company?

For companies selling large specialist items potential customers are likely to visit your website numerous times before they feel ready to make a firmer commitment. At this stage it's important to engage visitors and if possible get them to make 'micro commitments' which act to familiarise your your company and your offering.

Web Incite can help you to design the 'micro commitment' steps that can give your company a higher profile than your competitors plus we can track and test the offering to make sure it remains at the top of the pile.

For many companies a frequent blog with a lively subscription list can be an extremely powerful tool. Now you're no longer just hoping someone will press the 'contact us' button, you're actively setting out to influence a market and set yourself up as an important voice in that arena.

Writing a frequent blog and monitoring the subscription is bread and butter to Web Incite, contact us if you'd like more information.





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