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Where to Begin?

Recognising that your website isn't all you'd hoped represents a significant first step in making things better. Usually it's an unsatisfactory position in Google searches that highlights a problem and the vast majority of our clients initially get in touch because their website is simply not being seen.

Usually we'll carry out an audit of your website allowing us to present an objective overview not only of how well you perform in Internet searches but how people actually arrive at your website, how engaged they are with your content and how many are fulfilling website goals.

We can perform a search engine optimisation (SEO) specific audit without the need for any further information (and usually for free) but for a full website audit we really need access to your Google Analytics data. If you already have a Google Analytics account then it's very easy to give us basic user access so we can see your website visitor data. If you don't have a Google Analytics account then we can help you set one up. We can only get Google Analytics visitor data from the day your account goes live so the sooner an account is working the better. It's worth saying that your website data is safe with us, we'll NEVER discuss website data with anyone except you or your team.

The next step is to contact us and to talk through your concerns about your website. It's the first step on the road to a vastly improved web presence.





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