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Many companies, particularly those selling a business to business ignore social media believing it adds little in this marketplace. In fact social media does have an increasingly important part to play in pushing your brand not least since Google is increasingly using social media 'likes' as well as the quality of your Google+ profile as parameters in establishing the importance of your website.

At Web Incite we firmly believe that social media should be an important part in your on-line strategy but one that needs to be considered carefully and be driven by your on-line goals. In particular, social media is by far the best medium to advertise the more human side of your business, the part that people will be interested in over and above the products that you make. If you want to build recognition by having followers  (who may well go on to become customers) then social media is a great way ahead.

That's why any discussion on the use of social media should be driven by your overall marketing strategy, certain parts of which are far better transmitted via social media than from your website.

If you'd like more information on how social media can be used to advance your company's on-line strategy then please contact us for a chat. We'll always tell you what's realistic and give you an honest appraisal as to whether social media can advance your company's overall goals.

Properly done social media will add a fun element to your business and can bring you closer to your customers. If nothing else these are great reasons to give it a try!


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