Nov 18

Proud to be a Google Partner

Google Part­ner Status

Google Partner BadgeI am proud to announce that Web-​Incite has been recog­nised as a Google Part­ner. You can view our list­ing here.

I have come to real­ise that it can be dif­fi­cult for busi­ness man­agers to judge which digital mar­ket­ing agen­cies are suc­cess­ful pro­fes­sion­als offer­ing good ser­vices. Google Part­ner Status allows a com­pany to dis­play the Google Part­ner Badge and shows a cur­rent level of com­pet­ency in this con­fus­ing and rap­idly chan­ging field.

Achiev­ing Google Part­ner status demon­strates that we are trained, qual­i­fied and exper­i­enced at Google PPC advert­ising. To earn this status we have suc­cess­fully com­pleted exams, cur­rently man­age a sig­ni­fic­ant monthly spend and imple­ment best prac­tices in our campaigns.

AdWords Cer­ti­fied

Google Adwords CertifiedAs part of earn­ing Google Part­ner status I have achieved AdWords cer­ti­fic­a­tion. This is a pro­fes­sional accred­it­a­tion that Google offers to indi­vidu­als who demon­strate pro­fi­ciency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords cer­ti­fic­a­tion allows indi­vidu­als to demon­strate that Google recog­nises them as an online advert­ising professional.

Ana­lyt­ics Indi­vidual QualificationAnalytics Qualified Individual

I have also gained the Google Ana­lyt­ics Indi­vidual Qual­i­fic­a­tion. This is awar­ded for passing an exam that demon­strates a know­ledge of digital ana­lyt­ics and Google Ana­lyt­ics.

Nov 12

SEO — Just One Metric in a Complex World

SEO ais part of an integrated marketing campaignThis post is for any­one who thinks that effect­ive Inter­net mar­ket­ing is simply a case of achiev­ing a top 3 pos­i­tion in a Google search.

As a com­pany involved in help­ing people achieve advant­age­ous search engine res­ults we’re cer­tainly not going to deny that a con­nec­tion exists but it really is only part of the story. Pay per click advert­ising will get you straight to the top but unless it’s com­bined with a coher­ent mar­ket­ing strategy and a well thought out web­site much of the money will be wasted.

On the assump­tion that most of us would be happy with a lesser pos­i­tion in the search res­ults if sales had quad­rupled I offer the fol­low­ing thoughts on keep­ing SEO in perspective.

SEO Is Just a Means to an End

SEO rep­res­ents a means to an end, the end being increased business/​sales/​leads etc. Unfor­tu­nately it’s too easy to get so wrapped up in the SEO pro­cess that you lose sight of the actual goal. With that in mind here are 5 ques­tions that need to be asked early in the web­site improve­ment process.

  1. Apart from SEO, what other mar­ket­ing activ­it­ies are you using?
  2. Do you routinely meas­ure the suc­cess of your other mar­ket­ing? Do you know where your leads cur­rently come from?
  3. Once vis­it­ors arrive at your site is there a clear site struc­ture allow­ing them to quickly find rel­ev­ant inform­a­tion and is there a clear call to action encour­aging them to make contact/​download a brochure/​make a pur­chase? As an aside, we’ve seen plenty of beau­ti­fully designed web­sites that simply fail in the job of get­ting poten­tial cus­tom­ers to pick up the phone.
  4. Do you know how much it costs for each lead you get from each mar­ket­ing medium you use? Are you happy/​unhappy with this num­ber? Are you look­ing for more leads at the same cost or would you be happy to spend more to get more leads?
  5. Is there a limit to the amount of busi­ness you can take on or is it simply a case of the more leads the better?

These ques­tions aren’t defin­it­ive but they all aim to gather back­ground inform­a­tion that is cru­cial to the suc­cess of any mar­ket­ing cam­paign that uses the Inter­net. If you’re try­ing to improve your lead gen­er­at­ing cap­ab­il­it­ies using the web­site, but don’t have a clear view of the answers to these ques­tions then you’re really work­ing in the dark.

Search engine mar­ket­ing is an increas­ingly import­ant tool but it can’t be con­sidered in isol­a­tion from the other things that you do to drive sales.

Con­tact Colin@​web-​incite.​co.​uk if you’d like to dis­cuss any of the above in more detail.

Sep 01

The changing face of SEO for Google

The fol­low­ing video was pos­ted on You­Tube by Lisa Irby in July 2013.

The video provides excel­lent back­ground on SEO for Google and how the neces­sary require­ments to do it well have changed in the 15 years that Google has been dom­in­ant in Inter­net searching.

The take-​home mes­sage for 2013 is the import­ance of high qual­ity links into your site. Even a small num­ber of high qual­ity links are far more bene­fi­cial than a large num­ber of low qual­ity links. Get­ting these links into your site takes a little bit of effort. Your com­pany needs to get involved with the pro­fes­sional bod­ies or dir­ect­or­ies that exist spe­cific­ally for your industry and get them to link to you.

If you do any work for char­ity or in the com­munity then make sure that what you’ve done is well-​publicised and if pos­sible get links from local or char­it­able organ­isa­tion web­sites into your company’s web­site or Face­book page. Remem­ber that aca­demic and gov­ern­ment insti­tu­tions as well as char­it­ies have some of the highest page rank. These are the people you need to con­nect with and you will have the added bene­fit that the links will come as part of a greater involve­ment of your com­pany across your industry, as well as in your local com­munity. All of which is great mar­ket­ing all by itself!

The other import­ant aspect covered in the video is the grow­ing import­ance of social sites in pro­fes­sional circles. Google is increas­ingly look­ing at how your com­pany inter­acts with social net­works on the grounds that any com­pany that is import­ant in its field will attract fol­low­ers across the social networks.

One mis­take I see quite fre­quently are com­pany Face­book pages that are essen­tially cop­ies of the com­pany web­site. Remem­ber, the clue is in the name! Social net­works should be where you put your com­pany social news and the fun things that hap­pen or are organ­ised by the com­pany. Keep the busi­ness stuff on your web­site and the fun stuff on Face­book and you’ll be amazed at how may fol­low­ers you can accrue.

Enjoy the video and don’t for­get if you’d like us to help you improve your web­site, or point you in the right dir­ec­tion on social net­works, or help you with any form of Inter­net mar­ket­ing then we’d be very happy to chat with you.

Con­tact Colin Fen­wick at Web Incite for more inform­a­tion or call us on (01625) 360610.

Aug 29

Google Search Results and How to Rank Well

Google search results

This post stems from a GoogleWeb­mas­ter­Help video on how Google search res­ults are cre­ated that was pos­ted by Matt Cutts in April 2012. If you don’t sub­scribe to this You­Tube chan­nel and you have an interest in what Google does then it’s cer­tainly worth a look. At the time of writ­ing the video is already nearly 18 months old and so doesn’t include the latest updates but it still gives a pretty good over­view of how a Google search works. Con­tinue read­ing

May 23

Search Engine Optimisation for the Science and Technology Industry

Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optim­isa­tion for the sci­ence and tech­no­logy industry invari­ably offers the highest return on invest­ment of any mar­ket­ing cam­paign. In this post I aim to explain why it is such a valu­able invest­ment in today’s mar­ket and how you can assess whether your site would benefit.

Con­tinue read­ing