Website Marketing Glossary

Website marketing glossaryAt Web Incite we provide a com­plete web­site optim­isa­tion ser­vice to the UK’s high tech­no­logy sec­tor. Our cli­ents are experts in their own field but often not experts in web­site mar­ket­ing ter­min­o­logy which can be con­fus­ing. Wherever pos­sible we try to avoid using jar­gon but at times it is unavoidable,

and explain­ing each term in detail each time it is used in imprac­tical. For this reason we have con­struc­ted this web­site mar­ket­ing gloss­ary for you to refer to.

Some terms have crept into com­mon usage but the defin­i­tion var­ies, some abbre­vi­ations have dif­fer­ent mean­ings in dif­fer­ent arenas. We hope that this gloss­ary helps you bust through any jargon.

We hope you have found this inform­a­tion accur­ate and help­ful. Com­ments about errors and omis­sions are more than welcome.

Based in Mac­cle­s­field, Cheshire, Web Incite simply and cost effect­ively bring web­site mar­ket­ing tac­tics into the hands of small and medium sized sup­pli­ers, spe­cific­ally in the labor­at­ory and sci­entific mar­ket place. We have many years’ exper­i­ence in sales and mar­ket­ing work­ing with man­u­fac­tures, dis­trib­ut­ors and ser­vice organ­isa­tions to improve lead gen­er­a­tion and sales res­ults. Please con­tact us to dis­cuss how we can help you.

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