The changing face of SEO for Google

The fol­low­ing video was pos­ted on You­Tube by Lisa Irby in July 2013.

The video provides excel­lent back­ground on SEO for Google and how the neces­sary require­ments to do it well have changed in the 15 years that Google has been dom­in­ant in Inter­net searching.

The take-​home mes­sage for 2013 is the import­ance of high qual­ity links into your site. Even a small num­ber of high qual­ity links are far more bene­fi­cial than a large num­ber of low qual­ity links. Get­ting these links into your site takes a little bit of effort. Your com­pany needs to get involved with the pro­fes­sional bod­ies or dir­ect­or­ies that exist spe­cific­ally for your industry and get them to link to you.

If you do any work for char­ity or in the com­munity then make sure that what you’ve done is well-​publicised and if pos­sible get links from local or char­it­able organ­isa­tion web­sites into your company’s web­site or Face­book page. Remem­ber that aca­demic and gov­ern­ment insti­tu­tions as well as char­it­ies have some of the highest page rank. These are the people you need to con­nect with and you will have the added bene­fit that the links will come as part of a greater involve­ment of your com­pany across your industry, as well as in your local com­munity. All of which is great mar­ket­ing all by itself!

The other import­ant aspect covered in the video is the grow­ing import­ance of social sites in pro­fes­sional circles. Google is increas­ingly look­ing at how your com­pany inter­acts with social net­works on the grounds that any com­pany that is import­ant in its field will attract fol­low­ers across the social networks.

One mis­take I see quite fre­quently are com­pany Face­book pages that are essen­tially cop­ies of the com­pany web­site. Remem­ber, the clue is in the name! Social net­works should be where you put your com­pany social news and the fun things that hap­pen or are organ­ised by the com­pany. Keep the busi­ness stuff on your web­site and the fun stuff on Face­book and you’ll be amazed at how may fol­low­ers you can accrue.

Enjoy the video and don’t for­get if you’d like us to help you improve your web­site, or point you in the right dir­ec­tion on social net­works, or help you with any form of Inter­net mar­ket­ing then we’d be very happy to chat with you.

Con­tact Colin Fen­wick at Web Incite for more inform­a­tion or call us on (01625) 360610.

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