May 23

Search Engine Optimisation for the Science and Technology Industry

Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optim­isa­tion for the sci­ence and tech­no­logy industry invari­ably offers the highest return on invest­ment of any mar­ket­ing cam­paign. In this post I aim to explain why it is such a valu­able invest­ment in today’s mar­ket and how you can assess whether your site would benefit.

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Apr 09

Get more sales leads from your website — try this free tool

Sales leads from your websiteWhat if you could get a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the web­site vis­it­ors who spend time on your site but leave without mak­ing con­tact? Wanapi is a free tool that can help access this inform­a­tion and help you turn vis­it­ors into sales leads.

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Apr 03

Website Marketing Glossary

Website marketing glossaryAt Web Incite we provide a com­plete web­site optim­isa­tion ser­vice to the UK’s high tech­no­logy sec­tor. Our cli­ents are experts in their own field but often not experts in web­site mar­ket­ing ter­min­o­logy which can be con­fus­ing. Wherever pos­sible we try to avoid using jar­gon but at times it is unavoidable,

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Feb 13

Improve your scientific & techncial sales with better on-​line marketing

Web analytics flowAs we look around and eval­u­ate how we do busi­ness and what we can do to grow rev­enue and profits in the com­ing year it is clear that on-​line mar­ket­ing has a tre­mend­ous oppor­tun­ity for growth. We use Google daily to research Con­tinue read­ing