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Marketing Literature

If your company wants to make an impact with prospects and customers then you need high-quality marketing literature. In the Internet age literature is generally downloaded from your company website which has two major benefits.

Firstly, except in the run-up to exhibitions, there’s no need to print your company’s literature which allows you to generate far more literature far more quickly and cheaply than in the past.

Secondly, literature download from your website forms a micro-commitment that indicates a website visitor as being very interested in your product. In many instances website analytics will allow us to identify the origin of the literature download. Knowing that someone from company X has taken literature from your website may provide reassurance to your sales team if they are aware of the interest, or it may point to a new prospect.

Maximise Visitor Interaction

If you want to maximise interest from visitors and you want to give them something concrete to take away with them then it’s crucial that you have a broad range of literature available as downloads from your website.

Web Incite has extensive experience in designing and producing product and company support literature. Any literature which you commission from Web Incite will be provided both as a file which can be used as a PDF download as well as a high quality file that can be turned into a printed brochure by your local printshop.

Our expertise ranges from producing literature that matches your existing company branding through to designing a completely new ‘look and feel’ for your literature. See some of the examples below or Contact us for more details.


A simple A5 leaflet that can be designed and printed very cheaply for a specific event.

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A detailed product brochure available both as a PDF download and as a high quality print.

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A literature bibliography highlighting peer- reviewed publications where equipment has been used.

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