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Google AdWords - Pay per Click Advertising

Nothing beats properly implemented SEO but it takes time and it takes continual effort to consistently appear high up in the search results. Google AdWords can get you there immediately with far more flexibility on your choice of keywords or phrases and with the only downside being cost.

Cost per Click

The price you pay for each click (or per thousand impressions) will change through the day and is determined in real time by Google running an auction between you and your competitors. This happens every time someone executes a Google search with the ads section showing likely matches in the order of maximum bid although you only pay if someone actually clicks your ad.

Clearly some industries are far more competitive than others and we've seen cost per click vary from a few pence to over £50. In the science and technology sector the usual range is between 40p to perhaps £5 at very competitive times of the day.

Web Incite work with a range of clients who use AdWords and in our core market of science and technology the monthly spend you should expect will very likely sit somewhere between £200 and £500. If an advertising spend of this order sounds reasonable to you then you should definitely consider using AdWords because properly targeted it can be immensely powerful.

Getting Started

Very often a company’s first experience of using Google AdWords will be for a short term campaign of perhaps just a few weeks in the run-up to an event or product launch. In this situation spending a total of just £200 can provide an incredibly good return on investment. AdWords campaigns can also be run in well-defined geographical areas so should be as useful for local retailers as they are for multinational companies.

Web Incite will discuss your needs and provide you with keyword research so you know the expected cost per click before embarking on your campaign. We’ll help you set the maximum cost per click as well as the maximum amount of money you're willing to spend daily. Because it’s very easy for AdWords to run away with your budget we always advise a cautious approach at the start of a new campaign using well defined keywords and with a tight rein on spending.

If you’re interested in using AdWords but you want to go in with your eyes open by using the experience of a Google partner then contact Web Incite to find out how we can help.



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