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Bulk e-mailing of a promotional message is likely to yield disappointing results - most mails won't be opened, some may even cause frustration.

How can you increase customer awareness and promote your business without adding to the aggravating junk mails your customers inevitably receive from other suppliers?

Web Incite specialise in relevant, friendly communication with people who have a definite interest in your business. We look to build confidence in your products and win the trust of your contacts. We combine this with contagious content (content that people want to share) and in some areas the use of social media to extend the reach of your marketing.

We want to help you create and manage successful e-marketing campaigns, integrated with your website to capture leads and track success so you can learn from your customer’s reactions, listen to their mood and so build even more successful marketing.

If you want to beat your competition by maintaining better dialogue with your existing contacts, and engaging more new contacts, then contact us.





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