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Campaign Tracking

You use direct email, perhaps different types for different products, perhaps different types for the same product. You do off-line marketing in newspapers or magazines. You go to shows where you hand out a range of literature and promotional gifts, perhaps you even just plain phone people up.

The trouble is you don't know which campaign works and which one doesn't. Sometimes you can explain an upsurge in web traffic and sometimes it seems to jump about regardless of what you do. What you need is a reliable source of information. Something that can tell you whether email blast 'A' beat email blast 'B' and the exact market and product type affected.

Quantifying the exact contribution of each type of campaign can be crucial and the simplest way to do this is to use your website. This can provide you with concise information allowing a direct comparison of the effectiveness of all your marketing activities and optimise the return on your marketing investment.

If you'd really like to know exactly which campaigns are working for you and which ones aren't then Web Incite can help. Do more of what works and stop doing what doesn’t work.

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